Tuesday, August 25, 2015

So...how was GAM Con?

I would love to share the new things I've been painting (and crocheting) but...

....I can't.

Because they're all Christmas gifts.

For people who read this blog.

So that will have to wait for a bit. So let's talk about GAM Con!

Good Moe-Jo and I shared a table where we set up two big screens and painted! Digitally!

Displaying 20150815_105055.jpg

A little girl with fairy wings stopped to watch just as I was thinking, 'I want to paint a fairy.' So she modeled for me.

Thanks to my efforts, dice all over the Uintah Basin are happier in their Triforce Dice Bag homes. Many bedrooms are brighter with Totoro plushie smiles. And some walls are infinitely cooler, now adorned with creepy puppets and Super Smash Puppets art prints.

Displaying 20150815_130059.jpg

Displaying 20150815_105048.jpg

ALSO! I met some very cool people in the artist's alley including Jordan and Kymi of Ever After Games and Kira of Sun and Moon Creations.

In fact, Jordan is pulling some strings to host another convention in Cedar City.

Would you be interested in seeing the Cedar City Pop Culture Convention? If so, visit their Facebook page and help us make it happen!

So that was GAM Con, from my vantage point. Lots of fun games and fun people and fun times. Glad I went.

Next GAM Con is in March 2016. Will I see you there?

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